With over 20 years of experience in the media industry, spanning across Europe (Germany & UK) and the USA, our small and flexible one-person company is well-equipped to meet your audio-visual needs. We have worked with major broadcasters like ARD, ZDF, RTL, ORF, as well as numerous publicly traded companies, creating engaging content that captivates audiences.


At our production house, we prioritize using equipment that meets the worldwide standards in the broadcast industry. Our wide range of professional-grade equipment allows us to deliver exceptional quality in various formats, including 4K and 6K. Some of the formats we can provide include Sony Cinetone, S-Log 3, Blackmagic Raw, and Prores HQ, ensuring stunning visuals and optimal color reproduction.

Blackmagic Ursa

When it comes to capturing video, our equipment supports a variety of capture formats. Whether you require XAVC-I 4:2:2 10-bit, XAVC-L 4:2:2 10-bit, MPEG HD422 4:2:2 10-bit, or XAVC Proxy 4:2:0 10-bit, we have the capabilities to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, our ProRes and H.265 shooting resolutions and frame rates allow for flexibility and high-quality footage in resolutions such as Ultra HD and HD.

We understand the importance of smooth and seamless operations, which is why we utilize industry-leading equipment for sound capture. Our sound setup includes trusted brands like Sennheiser and Neumann, ensuring crystal-clear audio for your productions. We utilize lavalier microphones, wireless systems, shotgun microphones, and handheld microphones to capture every sound with precision and clarity.

davinci resolve

Lighting is essential to create the perfect ambiance and enhance visual appeal. We employ top-quality lighting solutions such as the Aputure C300d and Aputure 120d, enabling us to illuminate scenes with precision and create captivating visuals that align with your creative vision.

For live broadcasts and transmissions, we utilize the advanced LiveU (LU 300s) unit. This cutting-edge technology ensures reliable and high-quality live feeds, allowing your audience to stay connected in real-time. With access to 4G and 5G networks, we can deliver professional and uninterrupted transmissions wherever network coverage is available.

Blackmagic 6k Pro

Partnering with us means having access to state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of a dedicated professional. We take pride in our ability to provide outstanding audio-visual services, delivering remarkable results for your projects. With our vast experience, industry knowledge, and cutting-edge equipment, we are well-equipped to meet your creative needs and exceed your expectations.

Please note that the mentioned equipment and specifications are subject to availability and may be updated or modified as per industry standards and technological advancements.

Capture formats:


XAVC-I 4:2:2 10-bit
4096 x 2160 at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps
3840 x 2160 at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps [240 to 600 Mb/s]
1920 x 1080p at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94/100/120 fps [89 to 222 Mb/s]
1920 x 1080i at 50/59.94 fps [112 Mb/s]

XAVC-L 4:2:2 10-bit
3840 x 2160 at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps [100 to 150 Mb/s]
1920 x 1080p at 23.98/25/29.97/100/120 fps [25 to 50 Mb/s]
1920 x 1080i at 50/59.94 fps [50 Mb/s]

MPEG HD422 4:2:2 10-bit
1920 x 1080p at 23.98/25/29.97 fps [50 Mb/s]
1920 x 1080i at 50/59.94 fps [50 Mb/s]

XAVC Proxy 4:2:0 10-bit
1920 x 1080 [9 Mb/s]
1280 x 720 [6 to 9 Mb/s]
640 x 360 [3 Mb/s]

Blackmagic Ursa Broadcast G2

3840 x 2160 (Ultra HD) up to 60 fps

1920 x 1080 (HD) up to 60 fps

Blackmagic RAW Shooting Resolutions
6144 x 3456 (6K) up to 50 fps
6144 x 2560 (6K 2.4:1) up to 60 fps
5376 x 3024 (5.3K 16:9) up to 60 fps
3728 x 3104 (3.7K 6:5 anamorphic) up to 60 fps
3840 x 2160 (Ultra HD) up to 60 fps
1920 x 1080 (HD) up to 150 fps

Frame Rates
23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94 and 60 fps.